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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  June 12, 2011 1:30am-2:45am EDT

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computing still very much with us. and the stereotype of the tortured writer is a male stereotype and a male writer but how does that translate? it's crazy if you are a woman a little older. there is no real -- >> in oxford it seems if you write well enough in the staff and male writers have license to do anything they want he was a hell raiser, you broke the lamp. he was a hell raiser and if you were a woman writer would be arrested. [laughter] estimate i wanted to work with her but she is crazy.
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petraeus but i would love to keep this going to ensure the room is needed so i want to wrap up here. francine whose peace in this issue is both very insightful and extremely funny and my new american life is out now. karen russell who isn't in this suddenly was promoting the swampland which if you haven't read it yet is fantastic and her new novel a buddha in the attic is extraordinary and it's been nice having you here and i'm sure they would be happy to answer any questions you have for them. [applause] >> for more information on bookexpo america, visit bookexpo >> what are you reading this summer? book tv wants to know
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[inaudible] >> there's also a new book out on espn which has been published with comments on it and i'm looking forward to reading it. [inaudible] >> up next on book tv in the event we aired live on the web site from the sixth historic synagogue in washington palestinian doctor argues for an
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end to the bloodshed between israelis and palestinians. his book, i shall not he tells the story of his daughters who were killed by israeli forces during the 2009 raid on gaza. >> thank you. i would like to thank all of you who made this event a reality. to meet friends like bob and to tell how proud our wheat at the end we have to meet we have mountain companies but can meet
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a person one day and how proud are we and this is the hope we can meet and meeting and not just to meet physically face-to-face, to match, to connect the minds, and to know each other and what is important, to know each other but to learn. we think we know each other but it is wrong. because we are created from adam and eve and became a nation not decide, to know, and it is to know the core of the person, to
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engage with and to connect, to show respect and compassion. i said in writing my book a few years ago from a personal perspective, thinking with others in a way to inspire the people that we as a human being we cannot challenge what is happening in this world. as a palestinian who was born and raised and raised in the refugee camps in gaza, in poverty and suffering speech to
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hundreds of millions still face the same life. they faced decades ago. i am a believer and it's important for each of us to have faith. i accept everything that for people like us we should accept the good, that not to accept it
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and to show by action that we are not going to accept so what is happening in this world and as i said that we as a human being we can't challenge those people who are doing that in this world. they have no extra hand but and i orie skill and for what i achieved in life that for nothing just the strengthened the belief and the face and the support mostly of my mother. i dreamed as a child and that is what i can, can i say to
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everyone, no one can prevent us from draining, seĆ³ul dream big. dream close to reality but to achieve your dreams need to work hard to succeed from the university and then to specialize in gynecology and to be the first palestinian to practice medicine that i'm proud of where medicine and health are valued by everyone and medicine has one face. it has one color, it has a human face that in the was the ethnicity but the ground within
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the borders of the hospital that used to work with good heart. for the patient is to be shield. the happiest woman in my life was a baby to a mother. the happiest woman in my life when a couple suffering from infertility because i know the value of children in life. children or the beauty of life and i don't want anyone to suffer that. life is incomplete without the children. that's my belief when she comes
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that she is pregnant. i succeeded in that but i never forget the people behind. i challenge that overreached how many are still there suffering the same life i suffered and that is to think what do we leave behind? well i see children in the street to reminded me of my childhood? or not to be at the schools, they can't succeed and that is what makes me hungry and
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outraged. and in our life, well, my life was a real tragedy suffering the most difficult time in my life was just four months period would never be [inaudible] it was the day that i lost my wife of acute leukemia. i didn't i expect. but i never dreamed of a child to ask myself if i have the
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choice to lose myself or my mother, i say i want to stay with my mother. the mother is the one who builds and takes care and sacrifices, but now and then my children to lose their mother that i was blessed to have six lovely beautiful daughters and two sons those girls who were armed to
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succeed that they were fighting to have them in their glasses class is the never succeeded with 97%. they were a mystical god [inaudible] and can write books about this. the first palestinian girl at the age 14. when she came back in again they are jewish and christian, muslim, she came to say i found how similar are we.
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with violence doesn't solve any problems. she was supposed to get her b.a. june, 2009. she's the one who said to have to continue your work and count on our support. i learned one thing to it as a student, they think at an exam in a difficult thing in life after the loss of the vietnam she said i learned something. it's not the academic exams that
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are hard it's the life exams we face in life. the exams are the easiest in life than the unexpected happened, the 16th of january, 2009, four months later crossed to 5 p.m. when they showed the bone of my daughter, killing the three daughters and severely wounding others. seconds after i left my daughters alone i didn't believe
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it when i went to see those girls. where is my heart [inaudible] who planned to be a medical doctor and was happy i wanted one of my children to follow my past she said i will do that. she was the president of the students parliament the student
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as a bright girl decapitated for nothing and there was no reason to be killed. it's the craziness of a human being. that we believe in the violence and our children but to believe that violence is a few died, violence failure, not january, 2009. the means of fighting there are other ways. but i started to ask myself at that moment as a medical doctor to think of those who are
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severely wounded and you have to decide what to do and to think of the future. i look at my son who is 12-years-old. what is he going to do? is he going to be crazy? 28 himself and to hate others it is big and it is everywhere he looked at me and said why are you crying where you screaming, you must be happy, happy for what? you must be happy my sisters, are there. she asked for them.
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20-years-old a palestinian child who believed. i never expected it from him. he said they have no way just to move forward. life is like riding a bicycle. to keep a balance, we must keep moving. and as i said, this tragedy i realized is for good and will be for good. to open the eyes about what is happening. at the same time i was supposed to be interviewed live and they called my friend and when he
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opened the speaker to broadcast live, to think of others and when it was announced unilateral i told my daughter who was severely wounded the blood of your sister's will not waste. it saved others lives, and this satisfied me. i will be angry and to be added to other numbers, hundreds, thousands of innocent civilians.
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[inaudible] the messengers of humanity saving one's life you save the world, killing one, you kill the world they succeeded to keep in the place. but they kept their eyes and saved my niece and someone will ask why i shall not hate. and in life we have traces and as a child when all the tragedy that i face, my life i want to
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the rise in the names of everyone who did bad things to me in my life the list is endless and if each of us is going to raise, we are drowning in an ocean of hate pmi going to be effected? ought because like me they will know the consequences of heat from depression, the disease we will face, pete for me is chaos.
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it destroys. it's destructive to the u.n. and do you think the world that you hate are you thinking of the world as not but is important to send messages that you are a stranger and to challenge him but not with the way that is used with words strengthened. and that is what is needed. the attitude of hate is success.
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to move forward, to carry the rule and the scar remind, to be focused and i learned from my daughter who lost the sight she was in high school studying day and night to be one of the first in palestine and the high school the start of the year she lost her mother and four months later her sisters and was severely wounded and spent four months and had to go to study. she did the exam.
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with all the difficulties in both exams is to stand up that exam for the whole palestinian authority at the same time. they don't care what did you pass it for the day they moved to canada the announced all she and all of my children six edith to and nothing happened she succeeded 96% now she studies computer engineering at the university of toronto. faugh to send messages of success. >> i want to tell you the message is that the tragedies
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are not the end of the world and every bad thing in life there is something good. as i said, there is something good in it because in our short-term vision you may dislike something and later on find that it's for good. but you may apply something and realize it is not for good. in the second thing, if i know the future i will learn from it and no one knows what will happen tomorrow. i would spend more time with my
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wife and the children and would share and hug them and say to you don't say tomorrow, spend as much as you can with the people you love. kiss them, hug them, eat with them, have fun with them, enjoy them. you don't know if those moments are coming back or not. the feared mifsud nothing is impossible in her life. everything in life is possible and it's not in my vocabulary the only in possible thing i believe in is to return and
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succeeded to achieve. we have work to be determined and focus and if you want this world to live in how do you want it to be? it can endure with two things, truth and justice to be honest with yourself and it's not we want to waste our time, what is justice, to like for others what do we like for yourself? to put yourself in the shoes of the others, that's justice and the universe and the freedom.
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because we were born free and must stand in normal life and no one should be, freedom is free for everyone and freedom environment for sickness, that is what we want and i can't be free as others are not free, your freedom is for my freedom and for us as palestinians. we have to understand one thing, that the existence, safety, security, dignity, the future is to the existence safety,
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security, dignity of the palestinians and they have to live and share, that the right way to focus is and suffering, killing and fear. how long, how many do we want to be killed in order to learned a little? how long do we want to turn a deaf ear or blind eye and action in each of us can make something. if we start to ask and believe in it come to speak loudly to others, to care about the situation, to give a hand to others.
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those who underestimates their actions continue the story of the young girls sitting on the shores when they threw hundreds of starfish at the young girl with an open heart she fought of saving the lives and one by one into the water then a man over to cut girl and asked what are you doing? said i am saving the lives, but there are hundreds it is not going to make a difference with your beliefs and confidence and sincere evidence based she threw another one and said it made a difference to that one.
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